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Welcome to my children's music download site.


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Note:  If you come across any link with "Athens/Olympus/8075" try substituting "d_saphra" and it may work,

Let Me Entertain Me:

Online Favorites:

Deborah Jeter's Indispensible Music Education Web Empire - recently re-vamped. A veritable roller coaster ride!

The Digital Tradition Songlist - a  database available with over 8,000 songs, many with sheet music and sound files.  Most importantly, however, you can download it for free and use it offline.  This is version ( a 6.1 MB stuffed download ) is for Macs only. I use it all the time. 

My Own Messy but Massive Music Trade Book List - Lots and lots of references to picture books.  Now all we need is for somebedy to clean it up (please??!) 

Vitaly Blokhin's Homepage Now featuring a great, great new Keyboard Remapper at uconv.com that converts a standard QWERTY keyboard DVORAK and vice versa.  No, this has almost nothing to do with music, but I, personally,  use a DVORAK typewriter layout and maybe so should you.  

If you're searching for a particular MIDI file, try clicking HERE!

My other website - a GEOCITIES site set up by Deborah Jeter. It's much fancier (although slower to load, of course) than this one, so be sure to visit it. Deborah has included all sorts of interesting links and sites for obtaining software, etc.

Lyra Viol's Alive  (My other, other web site)- a site that describes and discusses a type of viola da gamba that was popular in 17th Century Great Britain and that can be played in over 50 different tunings - akin to the modern "bottleneck" guitar.

cs57.com (Yet another of my own web sites)- the official site of the school in the Bronx where I now serve as a Technology Instructional Specialist.

Gazillions of pictures that I'll probably get around to throwing out one of these days.

What's it all about?

Music Education Freeware:

I am setting up this site as a convenience for other music educators. I am especially interested in promoting the free exchange of instantly useable musical material. Most songs are available in MIDI format and can also be seen with a GIF picture of the score. The songs that I, myself, have written are available free of charge, and can be used however you like, so long as you don't attempt to become rich and famous pretending that you are me. Music presented at this site is taken (to the best of my knowledge) from either traditional or original sources and thus not subject to the usual copyright restrictions. Anyone wishing to contribute additional music for sharing is encouraged to send me a MIDI file and/or score.

Presidents' Birthday Song: WHOSE HEAD'S ON A PENNY? - An early effort but it's got lots of info so teachers have always liked it