Have you heard about Guion Bluford?
Have you heard about what he did?
In the summer of 1983, he made a little history
Many others had gone before him
Many others have gone since then
What makes him special?
Why does he fly?
Out there beyond the sky (That's Guion Bluford!)
Out there beyond the sky...

Both his brothers did better in school than him
Still he kept on tryin'
'Til one day they needed an astronaut
....And they asked for Guion

Would you like to go out there with him?
Would you like to know how to fly?
What makes YOU special?
Are YOU gonna try
To travel beyond the sky? ( Like Guion Bluford! )
Travel beyond the sky ( That's Guion Bluford! )
Out there beyond the sky

This song is about the first African-American Astronaut, Guion Bluford. The name is pronounced "Guy on Blue Ford." It is very easy for children to play on recorders and other simple instruments. To see what the music looks like please click here.

You can visit a wonderful page with information about Guion and other NASA astronauts by clicking on the following URL:

Yours truly,
David Saphra