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Gee, It's A Wonderful Game
©1911, Lyrics by Ring Lardner - Music by G. Harris (Doc) White


Who discovered the land
Of the brave and the free?
I don't know, I don't know
'Twas Christy Columbus
Is what they tell me
May be so, I don't know

There's only one Christy
That I know at all
One Christy that I ever saw
He's the one who discovered
The fade away ball
And he pitches for Muggsy McGraw


Baseball, baseball
Ain't it a wonderful game?
Old Christy Colum'
Found this country, by gum
But the extras don't
Carry his name

If old man Columbus
Had sat in the stand
Had seen Matty pitching that
"Fader" so grand
He'd have said
Boys I'm glad I discovered this land
Gee! it's a wonderful game


Who lost out in the battle
Of old Waterloo?
I don't know, I don't know
They say 'twas Na-po-le-on
May be it's true
May be so, I don't know

The pink sheets don't print
Mr. Bonaparte's face
No stories about him today
'Cause he never could hold down
That old second base
Like his name sake,
Big Nap Lay'-oo-way


Baseball, baseball
Ain't it a dandy old game?
The gen'ral of France
Couldn't lead 'em like Chance
So no wonder his Waterloo came

If down in his pocket
Napoleon had dug,
Had paid his five francs
To see Tyrus Cobb slug
He'd have said, I give up
I'm a bug, I'm a bug
Gee! it's a wonderful game

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Gee! It's a Wonderful Game. Song. Popular Edition.
Composer, lyricist, arranger: Words by R.W. Lardner. Music by G. Harris
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