The version of this piece you are now hearing is being played with the first two voices tuned in Harpway Flat and the third voice in Harpway Sharp, so the key signature could either be displayed with three flats or one sharp as shown.

Instructions for tuning:

To tune to Harpway Flat (defhf) just lower the the 2nd string to A natural.

If you would like to try this piece out without retuning your instrument here's an alternative in Plain or Violway tuning (ffeff):

This round will work with three tenors or any combination of bass and treble viols.

If you would like to working up your own version using tenors in combination with other viols here's my orginal file:
But you will need (here comes the pitch!) Django software to do it:
It's a free fully operational download and only $80 to legally register.

Please feel free to followe mee to one of the following web pages:
E-mail to David Saphra - viol @ optonline.net