Go Out and Vote
Lesson Ideas
by D. Saphra,© 1998

1. Make GO VOTE party hats.
I'm using 12" X 9" construction paper:
Fold or roll into a cone and staple.
Write GO VOTE, NOV. 3rd, ELECTION DAY, etc.
or make headbands instead.

2. Make a ballot box out of an empty cardboard tissue container. Students vote for "Cartoon" Mayor or Governor by writing the first letter (kindergarten) of their favorite T.V. character's name on a piece of paper before slipping it into the ballot box. Tally up votes for a quick math lesson. Students should offer reasons for their selection (ie. "Bugs is funnier than Daffy"). Students can also vote on their favorite party hats from another class, favorite autumn colour, etc.

3. Hand out or make American flags and ask children to wave them while singing the song's refrain (Go out and vote, go out and vote).

4. Distribute "invitations" (miniature songsheets) for the children to take home and show their parents and utilize as one source for writing additional words onto their party hats for homework.

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