Pathways for Youth at the Crescent School

C.S. 57 has enjoyed the good fortune of having the Pathways for Youth Organization actively involved in our building.  At the beginning of December we were informed that thanks to an aggressive Pathways initiative, our school had just broken the 93% attendance barrier, a benchmark that has been shown through research to have significant impact on how well students learn. The children shown below were grand prize winners in the program's first Attendance Award contest...
or to view our most recent winners simply 


Any student in the school is elligible to win prizes as long as they arrive in school on time every day for a month.  An entire class that is able to maintain perfect attendance will have a party in additon to receiving prizes.
"Pathways for Youth is a not-for-profit organization helping New York
City youth choose pathways to responsible adulthood through community based

Its educational, social, recreational, cultural, camping and employment
programs are designed to help young people ages 6-18 develop educational and
occupational competencies while supporting a system of personal values and

The organization also provides related programs and services that strengthen
the fabric of the community in which the young people live."

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