cs57.com - About the Design

This layout features Kei Hazuki from Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side. The colours of this design are very warm and inviting. I like it quite a bit! I've never played this game, though, or any of the games in the series for that matter.

The content area is nice and large, which is great for sites that have a lot of written content. The menu bar is cute and lower on the page compared to where the content area begins. Both the content area and the menu area extend to fill the entire screen while remaining centered horizontally.

The menu links are block formatted, and are styled with a highlighting effect. The underlining also changes from solid to having a hollow middle. The header tags <h1>Text Here</h1> are also automatically styled to have a cute double border below the text and a letter-spaced font face.

Obtaining the Design

Do you want this warm and delicious design? If you agree to leave the link button to Magitek Designs on your site, then you are free to do so! Download now!