Bronx Buffalo  

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Site Inpired by the book, They Came from the Bronx: How the Buffalo Were Saved from Extinction by Neil Waldman
This page can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word worksheet by clicking here: brownbuffalo Just keep on following the Buffalo!

Part I   What can you make from a Buffalo?

1. Click here brownbuffalo to go to:

2.  Click on a Buffalo part and then click on the object you think that Native Americans used to make from it..

3. Read the entire pop-up window before writing down  your answer.

4. You must click the pop-up window's Close Button all the way at the bottom  before going back to the big buffalo.

Here is your quiz:

1. Hooves? ______________________________________

2. Tail? __________________________________________

3. Skin and Fur? __________________________________

4. Ribs? _________________________________________

5. Horn? ________________________________________

6. Teeth? ________________________________________             

Part II   How much is a Buffalo worth, nowadays?


  Click here brownbuffalo to go to:, which will take you to results for
The Fort Niobrara Annual Bison Sale (NE) October 8, 2003
Look at that one chart at the top of the page and answer the following questions:

 1. What was the average price paid for a mature
 buffalo cow?

 2. The highest price for a mature cow?

 3. The highest price for an Adult Bull?

 4. How many Adult Bulls were sold that day?

 5. How many Yearling Bulls?                    ____________

 6. What did they sell more of, Yearling Bulls or Yearling Heifers? ____________
      Exactly how many more?                              ____________

7. What do you think the word "Heifer" means? ____________

8. How much more than an average Yearling Heifer did a Yearling Bull cost? ____________

9. Round the average price of a Bull Calf to the nearest hundred dollars. ____________

10. Do the same for the average price of a Yearling Bull. ____________

11. About how many times as valuable was that Yearling, compared to the Calf? ____________

12. What was the most expensive Buffalo of all? ____________  The least expensive? ____________

13. How many Buffalo of all ages, male and female, got sold that day in all? ____________

Part III  What can you find out on your own?

Click here brownbuffalo to get your Web of Life from the teacher's web site at .  Go to the school library and using the Key Word, endangered, pick out a book about the animal that interests you and use it to help complete  your Web of Life.

& / or
  Click here brownbuffalo to go to:

Download the PowerPoint presentation and begin adding your own research to it.

If you would like add your own research to this page, please e-mail us: buffalo @